And still pregnant.  After last Friday’s panic-induced-ultrasound, it was a quick visit today, with just a step on the scale (um, hi six pounds since starting stims), a short chat with the dr, and then a challenging (yet successful) hearing of the hb via dopper.  Apparently I have some majorly strong veins thumping down there, and my racing pulse was drowning out the baby…but it eventually measured at 165, and I was sort-of able to make out the sound myself.

According to the doctor, my chance for miscarriage now is the same as the rest of the gen pub–less than 3%.  Still too high to let me rest easy, but that’s life. Buh-bye, progest shots as well.  We had a ceremonial trashing of the gross blood-dotted heating pad late this afternoon.  Nuchal scan is scheduled for 13 days from now (who’s counting?) on May 10th.  I’ll be 12w1d.  After that appointment–I will feel a lot better if all is well (ok. Noticing a pattern of my saying this with each appointment…).  But really, if I make it through the NT staying pregnant…then it is only another week and half until the end of the first tri…and then…well…I may think of this as my actual little baby.

If that time comes to be, I’ll have to take some surveys about who gives an Eff about my story once I am clearly pregnant…and what to do about the blog.  I mean, I clearly have still been effed by IVF…but not in the present, just the past, I guess.  So do I keep it up then?  Luckily, I have a few more weeks of being in the unsafe zone to keep humoring you all with my quirks, worries, and general overal insanity.


A general blogging question: Any other bloggers out there get some ridiculous amounts of spam comments that SEEM like real comments?  They are completely about the posts, etc…but there have been TONS and all from weird addresses like Tom23@ something or Joe42@ something…yep, all men…and when you click on the website they allegedly connect to, it’s not a developed site.  Any help out there, bloggers?  Where they are coming from and how can I catch it in my spam-catcher?  It’s annoying because I get all excited that so many many people care about my tale, only to be duped…I mean, how many men are really reading this and empathizing?

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  1. AC

    YAY! I checked about 5 times today to see if there was an update. I have no idea about the spam…but I wanted to mention that I care. And I’m actually just excited about this baby (from a stranger) than I was about my own. ;)

    April 27th, 2010

  2. Hey girl, yeah for 10w2d!!! This is exciting isn’t it? But I, like you am always feeling teh same way at my appointments. We had one let down, and I PRAY PRAY PRAY that this one hangs in there. ANyway so happy for your progress thus far, this will be it girl. xoxoxoxo

    April 28th, 2010

  3. You’d better not stop blogging!!!! Keep it up, Pg or not. We want to follow your story!

    April 29th, 2010

  4. Ginger71

    Very exciting news…wishing you all the best,of course. :)

    Keep the blog. some of us feel very invested in this pregnancy…..

    Can’t comment on the spam. I don’t think I have quite the following that you do!

    April 30th, 2010

  5. If you add word verification to your comments it should get rid of your spam. I had the same problem and it took care of it for me. :)

    May 24th, 2010

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