On The Off Chance…

On the off chance.  That seven years later anyone reads this still.


We moved.  We did IVF twice in our new state.  We had a daughter.  Eight months after, at the age of 38…this (now 42 year old) mama found herself pregnant with a fourth baby. Delivered just after I turned 39.  THIRTY FUCKING NINE. Perfectly healthy.  Perfectly natural.  Perfectly hilarious and weird and amazing…but did it the way Regular People Make Their Babies.  She wasn’t planned or expected or tried for.  We just did what married people do after a few weeks of not having Done That Thing, after a delicious Thanksgiving dinner…and nine months later, this lady who had OLD AS DUST EGGS had a perfect little girl.


I am the living breathing example of “having the things I once wished and prayed for.”

Don’t give up.  Never give up.  Keep the hope.  That crazy, awful, insane word.

signed,  The Infertile Mom…OF FOUR

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