A 6am Thank-you. (and beta #3 update)

I need to give a ridic loud shout-out to Mel for her overall swellness thus leading to the swellness of all the LFCA-ers who have come by to give me some support.  My heart gets so warm every time I read a post from someone stopping by…or when I just know there are people out there knowing my story and thinking of me…so Thank You.  To everyone who reads my story and gives me some love.   It makes me feel less alone.  Andsome good news (bang your palms on your desks all drum-like…) we’re going home today!  Power was restored around 10pm last night.  So I will wake P, drive up 50 minutes to have the unnecessary-but-necessary-for-me bloods, drive us back here to the hotel, load up the car with a week’s worth of living stuff, and drive it all back home forEVAH.  Complaining about this week of no power makes me feel like a true shit when I think about actual natural disasters, instead of localized tree-fallings, house and car smashings, and power-outings…but it also makes me grateful that I’ve never had to experience that.  Really freaking grateful.

I likely won’t have cable or internet restored (come on, it took Co.nEd a week…is Ver.izon really going to be there stringing up its own perty wires immediately?) so my beta-update may not be for a bit.  But thanks to some inspiring blogs I’ve already read this morning (um, nervous much, Miss Up-At-5-Can’t-Fall-Back-to-Sleep?) as well as some reassuring comments posted here…I’m feeling okay right now.  Oh yeah.  And I think my AA boobs are pushing A.  So that’s something.


Update: beta was over 900.  maybe 920something, maybe 940somthing.  Was so relieved once I heard her start out with “nine…” and can’t recall the rest.  But I know that 834 would have been another 66% increase…and I clearly smashed that.  So I sit here, in my sun-warmed house with laundry cleaned, dried, and ready to be folded, P napping…and just happy for right now.  I can be happy this weekend now.  And then take next week’s bw and Thursday’s ultrasound as they come.  This even makes it okay that the DVR didn’t tape any of my shows this week…

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  1. I know isn’t the LFCA awesome? All the IF bloggers with Mel spearheading alot of cool things has helped keep me sane and really helped me in my IVF struggle. I am so thinking of you and hope you can update us somehow soon. Positive thoughts, a bigger bust, all good man. xoxoxoxo

    March 19th, 2010

  2. So glad that you get to go home, nothing is better, especially when you were booted not because of a vacation, but because of no power (or water- that’s how it happened for us). Whooo for A’s!!!

    March 19th, 2010

  3. Hurray hurray! So glad to hear all this good news!

    March 19th, 2010

  4. congrats on an awesome 3rd beta! glad you’re back at home and returning to normal. or should i say a new normal now that you’re pregnant! :)

    March 19th, 2010

  5. EW

    Hurrah! Delurking to say that is all wonderful news!

    March 19th, 2010

  6. Yeah yeah and yeah!!!! Be happy this weekend, and next week and for the next 9 months, God Willing. This is awesome news I am SO SO happy for you! Its 6am here in Cairo and I am going back to bed, but had to check in and so glad i did! xoxo

    March 20th, 2010

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