3 on 3/3…

So.  We already know I was told the other day that it might be a day 3 or a day 5 (and I never did receive any clarification about this on days 1 or 2).  This morning, around 11, I received a call from the nurse to tell me the embryologist thought my embryos looked beautiful and wanted to grow them to day 5.  I asked if this was per my Dr (recall: part of his change in protocol was to transfer on day 3, because our day fives have been less than successful).  She said that this info was coming directly from the embryologist, and not from my doctor (who, apparently, had not chimed in on the issue as of yet).  The nurse said that I could always  call my doctor, and if he said I should indeed be transferring today, then he should call the lab and get me on the schedule (I did feel like an eejit for even asking this, based on the tone of her response…).


Fast forward an hour–I’m crying on the phone with T, wondering why my dr didn’t call to talk about any of this in person, feeling very uninformed and unhappy.  Why the change in protocol?  Why the change of something he was so certain he wanted to do?  And why not INFORM me of it?  T, of course, is telling me to relax, have faith in the program and the doctors, they all communicate, they all know what they’re doing…blahblahblah.  I was losing it– the thought of doing ANOTHER day five transfer of two nice looking embryos was making me really really…frustrated.  (Sidebar: I had placed a call to Dr’s service soon after talking to the nurse and was waiting to hear back.  Had also cancelled my father-in-laws trip up here, since we wouldn’t need him to watch P until Friday now).


An hour after the first call to the doctor, I called again, re-explained my story, and as I was giving my info, there here was, calling through on the call waiting.  And guess friggin what (doesn’t take a genius if you read the title of the post)–he said yes, I want you to transfer today.  After a verrrry quick apology about the miscommunication, he told me he would rather I transfer today (to quote: I prefer it 60/40), and I should get in to the lab shortly.  Yes.  I should be transferring.  Today.  Shortly.


Mmmmmmmmmmmkay.  While I wanted to bask in my I Told You So moment with T, I was also freaking a bit since a)I don’t live very close to the clinic, b)no one was around to watch P as we cancelled my FILs trip (and he lives three hours away) c)I wasnt packed for the hotel I’m now typing from and d)how was I going to get to the clinic that I don’t live very close to in time?????!!!  I did manage to get things together, T jumped in his car from midtown and was home in 45 minutes, I made an express train into the city, and though  I arrived later than my scheduled 3pm (again with the threes!), the waiting room was a repeat of Sunday, running behind, with all the same faces–my Retrieval Buds.  (And I made a friend!  I’ve been doing this forever and have never made an IF friend on the spot.  I always sit and look down.  But we exchanged info and everything…you know, so we can have playdates in a year.  She was also the name-band I was wearing for a few hours the other day, so perhaps that eased the IF-Waiting-Room-Tension.  What’s WITH all the silence?  We’re all there, naked under our gowns with those grippy socks, reading and staring around.  We should be talking!  Discussing our business!  Reaching out!  Instead…well, I usually just judge people while also making up their background stories…)


CAN YOU IMAGINE IF I WAS NOT AN ANAL NUTJOB AND DID NOT CALL TO CHECK WITH THE DOCTOR ABOUT THE TRANSFER?  NO ONE was picking up this error anywhere?   No one was like, Oh…Cfirstname Lastname…we almost effed her with the wrong bracelet, we’d better make sure we have all the right info when we call for her transfer…But nooooooooooo.


So.  I pat myself on my back for my analness.  I love my worrywart self so so much right now.  And I am happy to report, I have three 8-celled embryos floating around my uterus.  The others were all at 6 or 7 cells and they’ll grow them until Friday and freeze anything freeze-worthy.


Honestly, people.  I’m praying this is my cycle–The Cycle of Folly (Get it? Folly? Follie? heh heh heh…) is The One.


Get cozy my sweet little embryos.  Please make me so happy and hang around until Thanksgiving…I want so much to have something extra extra extra special to be thankful for this 2010…..

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  1. May all the 3s be good luck!

    March 3rd, 2010

  2. Woo hoo yeah and yeah and yeah babay! Three is awesome, we had 3 transferred on day 5 and two are still hangin around for now. Heres to Fall babies for us girl. Take it easy and may your 2ww pass fast as hell. xoxoxoxo

    March 4th, 2010

  3. Ginger71

    Here’s to being an anal nutjob! We rock! Glad everything got straightened out (by you!) Much love! G

    March 4th, 2010

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