Eleven. (update)

That’s how many eggos I have sitting in a dish in a lab, hopefully getting their little selves fertilized.  I’m definitely pleased with the number–can’t go wrong with double digits. 


Today was a LOT of waiting….caught a 6:15 train to be in by 7:30, but was not actually on the table until 11:30 or so.  A LOT of waiting.  And of course…power went out again at home after the sitter arrived:  T left much later than I did (he didnt need to give his business until 9:30, which should have been a sign that it would be a long morning–still don’t know why they needed us all there at the same time!) and then he left when he was done to rescue our sitter from the cold, unpowered house.  I finished my book, looked around a million times at the people I “met” yesterday morning in pre-op (I always like to guess/make up their stories) and flipped through the pretentious pile of New Yorker magazines the waiting room is stocked with.  Not an US Weekly or even a Newsweek to be found.  Who wants to be cultured while sitting there for four hours?  Give me the gossip rags, tyvm…


Oh.  And they gave me someone else’s ID bracelet upon check-in.  After about an hour, I was sitting there, looking at it absentmindedly, thinking how weird it was that they put a nurse’s name and the dr’s name, but not my name…and then I thought it was weird they put the hurse’s birthday…(I was tired, okay?)  Turns out they had printed two of someone else’s.  Her husband and I joked about how rich we could have been if I had missed the mistake.  Pissed, but rich.


Will hear tomorrow about fert rates.  Tick tock, tick tock…


UPDATE: Not worthy of its own post…but received call today that all 11 were mature, and 10 fert normally and naturally(ummm…naturally?  ha.)  While this sounds like amazingness, I have always had a pretty swell fert rate.  It’s how they look later on…and the fact that they don’t want to hang out in my utes for 9 months that is the problem.  Nurse said it will be either day 3 or 5…which perplexed me, for I thought my Dr wanted to return to “what worked” when I got preg with P–and that was a day 3.  Also, thought he specifically said that cocultured embryos were only transferred on day 3.  Bueller?  Anyone?  Me, I’ll do what he recs…but I’m so hesitant to just transfer two.  We have been doing two over and over and over and over…….and nothing.  We find out Wed morning if we go in Wed, or if it is Fri.  Nothing like waiting til the last minute!

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  1. Ginger71

    C-You are on top of things! Even sleep deprived and starved. I would have gotten the wrong sperm. LOL! After all the folly, I hope and pray this is it for you! And OMG…I totally make up stories about people. (DH usually just rolls his eyes.) It would be so fun to be at Disney with you……

    February 28th, 2010

  2. Eleven is a great turn out! Hope you continue to hear good news with your fert report, and best wishes with the rest of your cycle.


    March 1st, 2010

  3. Yeah 11, that is amazing!!! Can’t wait to hear the awesome fert report. How funny about the mix up in bracelets, not funny but you know. ANyway so thinking of you girl and wishing for amazing numbers!

    March 1st, 2010

  4. Checking in so see if you had any new updates. Thinking positive for you!!

    March 1st, 2010

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