Sometimes, it just isn’t easy.

Where to start?  Yesterday we lost power here.  It happened early afternoon, and when I called the electric company, I was told the problem was noted and would likely be fixed by 8pm today (Saturday).  No power=no heat (and of course, no tv…) so I decided last night that we would all schlep over to a hotel if it wasn’t on by late evening.  Without power I couldn’t look up local hotels, so while on the phone with my dad, the IVF nurse called and left a message saying to discontinue all meds and take the Hcg at midnight.

I think I dropped the phone.  Wthedgehog?  Last I knew, my follicles were too small and I had at least another day of stims.  Also, at this point, I hadn’t yet given all my blood for the coculture.  And of course, the message was left after office hours, so I placed a call to the service, only to be told I’d be called back between 730 and 8pm.  Fast forward through packing for three by candlelight (while one lies face down on the rug, screaming bloody murder for some reason I can’t even remember now.) and we are at the hotel, it’s 8:45 and I haven’t yet heard from the doctor.  So I call back.  Play up the no-power thing.  And someone calls back in less than 15 minutes.  Apparently, it is fine to give the blood with the hcg…and the doctor was also able to help me understand why I triggered so early–it seems my E2 was plateauing a bit, and the worst that can happen is an E2 that dips down, so instead of risking that, they had me trigger.  This morning at my preop ultrasound, he told me that Corn.ell triggers patients much earlier than other places–they usually trigger between 16 and 18.  My largest this morning had grown from about 16.5 to 18, so that was reassuring.

Trigger shot: 12am.  Bat Mitzvah ending in our hotel: 12am.  Lots and lots of happy people swarming our halls, talking in outdoor voices until about 1.  5:08, cue alarm clock, so the three of us could get in the car by 5:30 and get down to the clinic for 6:30 start. 

(Lots of time somehow passes between leaving the clinic at 7:45 and 1230pm…though all I rememeber is a stop home to pick up bathing suits for a swim in the hotel pool with P, swimming in the hotel pool with P, and then cleaning up P after I let him eat his lunch naked on a towel in the hotel room.  Nudity +applesauce+spoon=a very fruity lower half.)

Got a call from a neighbor who had just stopped home to let us know her power was back on.  We packed up our junk, got in the car, and headed home.  Stopped off at our favorite deli for lunch.  As soon as we shut the door behind us, the power goes out.  We are cursed, I am thinking.  After about a minute, the lights come back on…and so does the radio.  And who do you think is singing to me right then?  Yep.  You guessed it. 

(So I start to cry a bit.  I take P next door to look around the card store instead of standing there crying my eyes out…and wouldn’t you know.  Playing there too.)

I said to T–either this past week has been God’s way of telling us to keep fighting for this–or God’s way of telling us to let it go.  Still not sure which it is…

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  1. Wow what a whirlwind girl, but you made it! I think when you deliver your baby later this year you HAVE to play Miley, you HAVE to. Little bitch that she is, sorry. Thinking of you and knowing that this is it for you and T. Big hugs – XoXo

    February 27th, 2010

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