Getting Closer…

We have at LEAST two feet of snow on the ground.  Perhaps more.  I have never missed California as much as I do right now!  This morning T shoveled the driveway, telling me I could “make my own decision” about my own shoveling, since I forgot the ask the doctor when he requested that I ask (read:  he doesn’t think I should shovel.  You know– A few lifts of the shovel could knock all the eggs out and they’d be lying there in a pile after snaking down my velour pantleg and over the top of my boot…).  This drives me eff-ing crazy.  But whatever.  So I cleaned off the car and got P ready to go.  We left around 8:30 to drive the 25 minutes to the burb clinic (couldnt go to the city–my car suucks in snow, and besides, there were hour-long delays on our train line due to fallen trees).  So.  Made it there in an hour, family in tow.  It seems I am close to trigger, but not quite there yet.  My biggest one today was 16.5.  Lining was 11.2, I think (yesterday, it was over 12.  When I asked why the change…he said it all depends on the dr that measured it, but that he was very precise.  Ha)  Again, I find that Corn.ell does some different stuff when it comes to measuring.  They really only scout around up there for the biggest ones, and then kind of include the others in a giant +10 grouping.  I’m not sold on the fact that it’s trigger tomorrow…16.5 seems a bit small still, wondering if they’ll push to Sunday night.


I’ll find out in a few hours what happens tonight, but I’m guessing same dose (187.5/150/ganirelix), with a trip into the city tomorrow morning, to get the last tubs of blood drawn for the co-culture as well as the regular bw/us.  E2 yesterday was 1005, the day before it was 725 or something, and the day before that, in the mid-five-hundreds.  Guessing today it is about 1219 (approximately…).


Also…had a minor meltdown after reading the new SART data for 2008, and saw that my old clinic had a 10% greater success rate for peeps in my age group than my current one.  Thanks a bazillion to my bud Ginger who talked my crazed, hormonal self through my doubts.  We’re at the best place for us right now.  That’s all there is to it.


On the drive home today I said to T, Wouldn’t it just be so great if this one worked?  Because you kind of lose sight of the end-game while going through it all, especially after this many times.  As T says, it’s like we plan to have our lives really suck for a few weeks at a time, and perhaps, just maybe, there is something good that happens when it is over.  I can’t even begin to really imagine what that would be like right now…

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