How is that Monday was only two days ago?  It feels like a year ago.  Or at the very least, four days ago.  This morning I went up to the burbs to have the ultrasound and the bw, leaving P with my friend at 7:15.  Thank you a million K (if you know, I ever let you know I write this.  lol).  The weather was nasty and apparently will be getting nastier.  Why oh why didn’t I get new tires before this winter began?  Crimeny.  So the tech said I was not close to ready–the follicles were measuring around 12mm.  Umkay.  So they were between 10 and 11 on Monday, and now are just at 12?  On Monday afternoon they dropped my Gonal dose from 450 to 300, and then yesterday dropped it further to 225.  So that would explain the slow growth.  But why, I ask?  I mean, if he was confident on Monday that I would be likely retrieving this weekend…why slow things down?  Is there something about the EPP that I don’t know about?  I am NOT on target for retrieving this weekend–I put my money on Monday.  T will be away on business Mon and Tues, so we have a nice tray o sperm into the freezer to use if/when necessary (if only it were that easy—instead it is 850 bucks.  I swear…why couldn’t we just chuck it in a ziploc and put it next to the tortelloni soup in my own freezer for a few days?)


So why the slow growth?  My stomach has no more roooooooooom (said in an extremely annoying whiny, whiny voice) for three shots a night for the next three to five more nights!  I guess I will find out in a few hours when they call…


(as for Miley…I’m driving home in the slush, mad as heck for feeling duped about my follicle growth and triggering potential, just feeling fed up, feeling like I’m just going through the motions for something unattainable, feeling tired, feeling uuuugly…and then I hit one of the five presets, and There.She.Was.  Reminding me to climb up the friggin mountain.  It did help with the perspective, I admit.  So again.  I write about it.)

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  1. I love the ziploc idea, but that would be just too easy. Miley’t. xoxoxoxoxo

    February 24th, 2010

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