Cycle #4 (or 5, or 7, depending on how we count)…Ultrasound #1 (UPDATED)

After a glorious Sunday morning we didn’t have to wake in the dark to get to the dr…I woke at 5:20 this morning (getting better at getting out fast!  maybe I should get myself one of those city jobs and be a commuter).  I was lucky to see my own dr this morning for the ultrasound.  He measured five at about 11 mm, and said there were a bunch “just under 10″ that will likely be available come retrieval.  We’ll hear back today b/t 4 and 7 about dosing for tonight, if I add the Ganirelix, and if I need to come in tomorrow or Wed morning.  Here’s the crazy catch–he told me that we would likely be HcG-ing in a couple days, with a retrieval likely over the weekend.  WTFudge?  That seems reaaallllly quick.  We were predicting a retrieval Mon or Tues…could we be wrong?  I mean, we’ve done this seven times, Dr IVF has done it what….seven thousand?  Hrm.  Who do YOU put your money on?


Also:  Any ideas how one gets into NYC by 7am with a two year old to consider, no family that lives remotely close by to help out, and a husband who needs to be on a 5:30 am flight that morning to Boston?  Wednesday morning could prove to be verrrrry tricky.  I can’t imagine dropping P off at my neighbor’s at 545 am…and I can’t imagine bringing him into the city for monitoring with me (people have done this there…but those babies are BABIES…P is not.  But he was.  Back…when we started…sigh…not focusing on that.  Focusing on this.  Focusing on NOW….)  So.  Just waiting to see where we go from here!


Update:  Start Ganirelix tonight.  Decrease Gonal F from 450 to 300, stay on 150 Menopur.  Bloodwork only tomorrow (yay, up to the burbs instead of the city!  One more hour of snooze time!  I’m already tired…and it’s only Monday.) with next ultrasound Wed or Thurs.  E2 was only 316, but the nurse said that is standard for an EPP cycle, that the number dips and then surges.  Glad she clarified, or I would have been worried!

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  1. Hang in there, my dear. You are in the homestretch. Much love and luck to you this week!

    February 22nd, 2010

  2. Wow! It sounds like it’s all looking promising. Yay! I had to take my then 19 month old to a pap smear/breast exam at my RE’s office. It was a little tricky but doable. We had him stand on a chair (with nurse there to make sure he didn’t fall) near my head so we could talk to each other. I made sure he had a couple cars to play with and the doctor did what she had to do. Not ideal, by any stretch of the imagination, but definitely doable.

    Good luck! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you continue to get good news at you next appointment.

    February 25th, 2010

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