Cycling with the Stars

So.  Today I went in to “the city” for some bloodwork–wonders of wonders, I made it off the waiting list, and I’m scheduled for my co-culture this upcoming Friday.  They needed to take a nice vat of blood (ok, a few large vials) for the co-culture medium, and it is easier for me to head into the city on a weekend than to go twice during the week.  First, must say…holy packed waiting room.  I have never cycled at a place this…enormous.  Seriously.  It was more crowded than church.  But all said, it was just over an hour.  Now I don’t have to go back until Friday for the procedure (ouch ouch ouch), and then I don’t go back until cycle day two, which should be in about a week and half.  And then, if all looks good blood/ultrasound-wise, I begin injections that night.  For some eeenoying reason, this office “prefers” I use the Gonal F pen.  I LOATHE the pen.  Especially since I’ve usually been mixing the Gonal F and the menopur, therefore only needing one shot…but I was told Dr. IVF “prefers” the pen.  So I shall do the pen.

As for the title of this entry…T and P came with for the drive this morning, and after they exhausted the nearby bagel stores/drugstores/cruising the streets for free parking, they were waiting down in the lobby (I try not to bring P to appointments when it can be helped–for my own sanity and stress level, and of course, out of courtesy for the other patients).  T said they were running around, and then a woman in big sunglasses came down the elevators, flanked by three large men in black.  She smiled at my two guys, and T thought, “Is that…?”  but he wasn’t certain, until he watched the entourage exit the building and get into a waiting black suburban.  Yep.  He confirmed it to be C.eline Di.on.  Of course, this makes sense.  She’s certainly in the news for her own struggles.  I didn’t catch a glimpse myself–perhaps I already had a needle attached to my arm, or, more likely, they went out some super-secret way.  So here I am.  Cycling with the star.  Money may bring people a lot of things, but it doesn’t seem to bring them everything, does it?

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  1. wow, well that’s a pretty awkward celebrity encounter. Love the title of this post though!
    Good to hear you are moving forward – good luck with your cc on Friday!! Can’t wait to read about it.

    February 10th, 2010

  2. Wow… very cool. I am so glad you are on track girl, Make sure they do immune testing which I think you are doing, this will be it my friend. Glad to see you back… xoxo

    February 10th, 2010

  3. Ginger71

    Hi there! I was wonderin gif i was going to run into Celine while I was cycling. LOL!

    Just wanted to wish you luck! My CC will be in a few weeks so I am going to be following you closely!

    February 11th, 2010

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