All Cultured-Up and Ready to Go.

This morning was the co-culture “uterine scraping.”  He also did the sounding to measure my utes for the potential transfer early next month.  The entire procedure was over in about…six minutes.  Maybe less.   Did it hurt?  Yes.  Was it excruciating?  No.  And I do believe I don’t have the greatest of tolerance for being pried open and then poked up at.  But I did it.  It was a BILLION times better than what I thought.  Just some really short intense cramping, and to compare it to the HSG, it was more intense and more localized.  I think the HSG is more of a tight, pinchy feeling while it is being done, and this was more a shooting cramp one.  However, nary a tear welled up in my eye(s), and I was up and getting dressed as soon as the dr shut the door.  I have had a small amount of residual cramping, but really, nothing to write about (though I just did….)  Would I do it again?  Yep. 


My medication situation was a bit touchy for a while–my insurance has a special prescription plan that is headquartered in TN, and the original ship date was last Friday.  Well, snow down south made that impossible  (Ahhh!  Snow in the South!  The world is ending!).  And of course, the company couldnt get its act together to meet the next scheduled date, which was this past Tuesday.  And then on Wed I received a call that they couldn’t meet the newly scheduled date of Thursday (yesterday), due to The Snow Dump here in the East.  I told the poor representative on the phone (and I quote)…”I am a psycho infertile woman.  I need the Ganirelix by Saturday.  I cannot not have it.  What are you going to do to make it happen?”  A few hours later, she had called my nurse (love her, btw…never met her…but love her) who in turn called a local pharmacy about 15 minutes from my house, and I was able to pick up part of the meds yesterday and the rest today.  So I am ready to go.  Let’s hope the FSH stays nice and surpressed when I go in for a Day 2 start sometime mid to end of next week…and we get this cycle on track.  Patch on tomorrow, then GanirelixGanirelixGanirelix, change the patch every 48 hours, get a period…then, Go Time.  In my bones, I feel like this is going to be my last try, success or failure.  (Sidebar: we have begun filling out the adoption paperwork and are looking to have that all completed in the next month or two).  I just don’t know how much more of this my marriage can handle…and while this is my One Lone Dream, I understand that at some point, it may have to be sacrificed for the good of my family.  I don’t want to face that quite yet, but I can only stick my head in the sand for so much longer…


On tap for the weekend: Tomorrow evening is a family wedding where I will be chilling with my 23ish weeks pregnant sisterS-in-law.  But I’m feeling good about it.  And strong.  (whispering to myself repeatedly for the next 24 hours…Good and strong, good and strong, good and strong…)

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  1. Yeah for the scrape not being so bad. I have never had it done, but did have an HSG back in the day and it wasn’t bad for me at all surprisingly. Took Motrin before and it was almost painless actually. Anyway so glad that all is on track and before you know it you’ll be transferring! Good and strong, good and strong, good and strong. xoxo

    February 13th, 2010

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