Not our christmas miracle.

It is three days past transfer.  And I know.  The discernable non-pregnant cramps arrived around 5am this morning.  If you had asked me yesterday, I would have told you yes, it worked.  I think it worked.  I am due for it to work, so it worked.  I played the game the best I could…how could it not work?  Today…a sadder version of my self writes this.  I Hate that I need to keep doing the shots through next Tuesday.  I Hate that my body shows the signs so early.  But I did everything I could this cycle.  And as T told me this morning as he held me and I tried hard not to cry…we will have another child one day.  It is not happening anywhere close to our timetable.  It may not even be our biological child.  But I will be a mom to another child.  That dream will come true, just not this time.

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  1. No, I just can’t believe you are counting yourself out only 3 days after transfer. No, no no. It’s way too early. If you posted this 3 days from now, maybe, but not today. (hugs)

    December 17th, 2009

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