1 day post transfer

So.  transfer was yesterday morning.  After hearing that all had fertilized, I was feeling pretttty pretttty good and not worried that we might get to the hospital only to hear bad news…Turns out, we had “ok” embryos (this is strictly my non-medical-professional opinion.  Based on the ratings, of course).  Anyway.  We transferred two 4BB embryos.  No A’s in sight.  It’s like a bad report card in high school.  My doctor exhibits little emotion about anything, so I couldn’t read him, but the nurses were quite positive about it all.  (Here I will spare you the details of the transfer…if you’ve ever done this, you know them…though I will say I was OVER-cleaned/swabbed down there.  Five times!  I think he was bored waiting for the embryos to get into their little straw–he kept CLEANING me.  I kid you not.  I finally joked that I wouldn’t have to shower for a month.  Oh.  And my bladder hurt.  Of course.  But doesn’t everyone’s on that table?) Anyway.  I am not going to freak out about 4BBs–I am going to be POSITIVE. I am feeling positive.  I believe the twins were BBs, and even though they didnt make it, I don’t think their grades were the reason why.  We froze two more yesterday and one more was being watched today.  The freezer-bound were not superstars, I think a BC and a CD…but for some reason, dr and embryologist still thought they ought to be frozen. 

All in all, I am confident in my actions this cycle.  I ate good foods.  I eliminated “bad” ones.  I took supplements.  I drank fresh wheatgrass.  I listened to fertility meditation cds.  I cut back on exercise.  I did acupuncture regularly (added in an appt Sunday afternoon pre-transfer, and then Monday afternoon post-transfer).  I even went to a hotel (!!) yesterday after the transfer, to do my bedrest (thank you, accrued hotel points!) I have a hard time resting at the house when a two year old is interested in my every move, jumping on me, playing with me, being picked up or chased around…and it usually causes some marital woes, as T and I argue over what is “too much.”  So instead, I checked into the hotel, and remained fairly vertical for 24 hours.  There’s not much more to do at this point, except wait.  And if this cycle doesnt work, I know now that I did close to everything I possibly could to help it along.  So if it doesnt work, it wasn’t for lack of effort or trying.  I know in the past I have gotten so sad and angry, saying WHY didn’t it work…I did everything RIGHT??  But now, I hope to see it as, It didn’t work, but I did everything right.  Of course, it would be wonderful to not get to that spot.  And my new outlook doesn’t mean it will be any “easier”, but it is a good mindset nonetheless.

I figure I’ll have a good grasp by Friday or Saturday if it worked…as previously noted, my period cramps are quite distinguishable from my pregnant ones.  So it won’t be as though I find out right before Christmas–I’ll have a head start on the info.  And now…now I wait.  I think about my embryos, I pray about this, I continue to think and feel positive, I “hope” about things an awful lot…and I wait.

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  1. YAY!! That all sounds sooooo positive!! My son was a super fragmented 6-cell on my day three transfer. So, don’t worry about the grades. The doctors really don’t know what will won’t work.

    My period and pregnancy cramps are completely different too. So, I can’t wait to hear how you’re feeling come the weekend.

    Take it easy and keep tellin’ your little ones that they are wanted and welcome. (It’s a mantra that hasn’t failed me yet.)

    Big, big hugs!!!

    December 15th, 2009

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