A New Day

See?  I knew it would happen!  Here is Thursday, a new fresh day, right on the heels of ole Wednesday.  By yesterday afternoon I was much more relaxed and less frantic about the news and the repercussions of it. Day.by.day.

Of course, it all had to be followed by a nice evening fight with my husband–over something stupid.  Very stupid.  We both dragged it out into something much larger than it needed to be.  I blame the medication, my stubborness, and his stubborness.  The last two are lethal enough without the first thrown into the mix!  But even that was mended in the morning darkness as he left for work.

I plan to enjoy this quiet, cool morning that sings of autumn (who the hell am I, Walt Whitman?).  I feel surprisingly refreshed after a short night of sleep (though my follicle-speckled ovaries are starting to give me some issues when I bend over or twist the wrong way or when I have to pee…)  The whole day stretches out before us–and I will not waste it wallowing in my sorrow or disappointment.

Here’s to hoping I can keep this calm and perspective throughout today and into tomorrow!

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  1. the sister-in-law

    a new day indeed. well said, hon!

    September 10th, 2009

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