Bloodwork #1 (aka a really boring post)

labor_day_2001Blood draw this morning.  After 4 nights of stims (but day five of stimming…so which do I say?  Four days of stims or five?) E2 318, LH 2.1.  Delightfully high dosing will continue tonight and tomorrow night, and I will go in Wednesday morning for bloodwork and an ultrasound.  I have no basis for judging if these numbers are good or bad or whatever (In the past I haven’t recorded the numbers as cycles progressed) but I guess since my doctor didn’t change anything, they must at the very least be “okay.”  (Baseline E2 on the start day was 52, so there was a clear increase). 


Yup.  I was right.  This really IS a boring post.  But I’m in that “blah” place at the moment–just kind of going through the motions…I hate how the meds mess with my psyche.

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