Thank you, Today Show. Thank you.

This morning I made it a point to set my dvr when I saw that there would be a segment on the Today Show about life after a miscarriage.  Luckily, my computer-savvier sister in law sent me a video clip, which was much easier than finding it in the three hour taping somewhere.  Thanks, sil:)

Anyway.  It was really a good segment, aimed at getting the message out there that miscarriage is something devastating and heartbreaking.  That couples do not get over this as they might a broken arm.  That women still do grieve their losses months–even years–later. This validation was so important for me–especially in light of yesterday’s meltdown.  I.Am.Not.Alone.  Seven minutes was too short of a segment for something like this.  I completely appreciate the fact that it was broadcast, and I thought all of the women did a wonderful job.  But seven minutes?  We spend more time each morning looking for Where in the World is (handsome) Matt Lauer!  I’m hopeful that there are people out there who watched, and are now a little more knowledgeable.  Before I had a miscarriage, it was easy to say, oh, my, how heartbreaking that must be, I am so sorry.  But really, I had no frigging idea.  None.  But that comes back to my philosophy that we only really know our own hurt and pain, I guess. 

So thank you, Today Show, for bringing this to the women (and men…) watching you this morning.  And thank you to the strong women who were able to speak so eloquently and honestly about their experiences.    I know when I watch my local traffic updates now in the morning, I will be looking at the reporter (featured on the segment) with new eyes.  The same goes for Meredith Viera.  Thank you for sharing a part of yourselves with the rest of us.

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