Adios, Summer ’09 (and hello Whywaseveryonepregnant?)


1. Where did summer go? I know it does not technically end for a few more weeks, and the unoffical end is this coming weekend, but for me, it always ends with August 31.  Even in my teaching days, in those years when we went back the  last days of August, it still felt like summer.  I love summer.  I love the thought of summer coming, I love the summer itself, I love everything summertime means in every way.  And I guess I do enjoy the month of September, but it fills me with dread as I think about the looming winter.  While college football, changing leaves, pumpkins, candy corn and Pilgrims do delight, they only give way to dark mornings, dark evenings, and less time outdoors.  I am an outdoor girl.  And not an outdoor girl whoisbundleduplikecrazy, I am a warm weather outdoor girl (why did we leave you, SoCal????)  So sad.  See ya next year, oh sweet summer…

2. This morning blew chunks.  I have been trying to find a place for P and I to spend the winter months that will give him a place to run around like a nutjob and give me a place to do that with him.  We currently take a toddler class once a week that he likes, but it is only one hour a week.  I thought I found The Perfect Solution.  It is a swanky new membership-required-one-stop-meets-many-needs kids place.  It had a gym.  A cafe.  An indoor playground.  Different classes (extra, of course).  It is brand-spanking new.  Pristine.  No one has chewed the toys yet. No filthy fingerprints lining the walls.  There is a valet.  Childcare.  Clearly, it comes with the works.  We decided to give it a trial period and see if we liked it. (We being h and me.  P doesn’t really have an opinion.  Yet). 

UNTIL.  Today I went, all prepared to sign up for good.  The place is a zoo as they have just opened and are still in the recruiting phases.  But P has loved it these past few days, and today we tried out a class.  Of the sixteen women in the class, six were pregnant.  Very very pregnant, as a matter of fact.  As pregnant as I might have been had things taken a different turn in late March.  Of the others that weren’t…five were nannies and who the hell knows, maybe the other moms were pregnant too, but just not showing yet.  I can only handle one pregnant person at a time, tyvm.  I cannot handle a barrage of them, as if I had walked into a lamaze class (do those still exist?) and not a toddler class.  I started to get all teary and had to bite my lip A LOT to stop them from  pouring down my face.  Of course, stopped The Pill on Sunday so my hormones were all lined up for The Perfect Storm.  Any time I seem remotely sad, P starts to cry, saying “bye bye” and “boo boo” (to which I must smile and reply that my boo boo is okay).  It works out well in that I never full-out cry, but sometimes, stiffling the tears is hard.  I don’t know why it is so much harder to see a pregnant woman (or a gaggle of them) versus a newborn baby, but that’s how it is for me. 

3. Shots start on Thursday if all goes well at the baseline that morning.  Fingers crossed for that.  Although h told me this weekend that he isn’t feeling all that optimistic about this cycle.  Swell.  Always good to go into it expecting it to not work…right?

4. The highlight of the trip was that I was ticketed for having an expired inspection sticker…but the sweet metermaid only gave me a warning (since, you know, it only expired YESTERDAY.)  Of course, I do realize I had 31 whole days to get it done….


Muuuuuch Afternote:  It is amazing how a somewhat craptastic day can be made completely better in the end by a few words from some caring friends, good (free!) advice, and the realization that I have the best little kid in the entire world.  Seriously.  The best.  Oh.  And I took a shower today.  That helped too.

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