It is already December.  And I am still writing about IVF cycles…I remember writing that I couldn’t believe it was September…and then October…and then…you get my drift.  But here we are.  That Elusive IVF Cycle I tried to start back in August is STILL in the making…and I hope this one is at least a go, if not more.


My E2 level yesterday was either 260 something or 280 something, and while I was worried for a second bc I looked back and saw that on the first blood draw for a cycle back in September it was 316…I realized 1) this one was one whole day earlier,  and 2)that one was a bust anyway, so what does a comparison do for me?  I know that at the start this time my E2 was 31, and last time it was in the low 50s, so that should also be working in my favor…right?


Four nights of shots are behind me, likely five or six more to come.  If all goes well, I should be retrieving a week from today or a week from tomorrow.  I hope I hope I hope…We’ve been watching a lot of an Elmo Christmas movie around these parts lately, and I keep hearing Elmo exclaim “It’s a Christmas Miracle!” or Alicia Keyes saying, “It is when things are the darkest and at the lowest that you really have to believe even more” (yep.  I’m taking my cues from Sesame Street).  Although…P got a new ornament this year, and it was two M&Ms in a firetruck (two of his favorite things), and yesterday he dropped it on the kitchen floor and one of the guys shattered into four or five pieces, but the other one stayed intact.  Does THAT mean anything?   Silly how I look for/find signs in the oddest of places…

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