There are some things I really need to get going on. 

1. I want to change the layout of the blog.  However, being that I am blognorant, I don’t know when and if I can get it done.  But I am feeling the pull of a newer look (after all, been at this bad boy for just over a year now….)

2. I want to post more (because you know, when I get all famous because my blog is the bestest blog in the history of all blogs and people are racing to read my blog-turned-book-bestseller, who wants it to drop off with the pregnancy?)  Ha. hahaha.

3. I want to start getting things “ready.”  After all…I’m only three weeks from being 30 weeks, which in my mind is like “yep, you’re getting there.”  So I want to start readying my life for the coming of a new little guy.  P is NOT ready–he told us yesterday that he wanted Baby Pablo to stay in my tummy ever ever.  He did not care when I told him that neither mommy nor baby pablo think this is a good idea.  So he needs to get ready emotionally, just as I need to get the house and all other baby things in order.

4. I want to start cooking again.  Real cooking, not the kind where grilling precooked sausage on the grill counts as cooking.  I mean, soups, casseroles, other tasty treats.  That has gone by the wayside this summer.

5. Um, those other four are a lot for right now.  There are, of course, about six thousand things that fit under #4, but no need to stress out naming them all right now.  I just want to really be embracing this thing that is causing nighttime pee-trips, backaches and stretch marks (only on my right ass cheek.  Nothing anywhere else.  Yet.)  I want to live in the moment–for who knows what the future brings?

This is all for now.  Short but sweet post.  Happy anniversary to me and T (six years), and happy anniversary, i-v-effed.  Will be back soon……..

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  1. I LOVE redoing my blog :) But mine has a whole layout design thing that makes it easier.

    And it is the same with me. I have this giant list, and I didn’t get any of it done over the summer, and now I’m hitting panic mode because I get to say “before the baby comes” but all I want to do is sleep.

    Good luck! Let the nesting begin!

    August 24th, 2010

  2. Hey. We are both truckin right along huh girl? This Sat will be 31 weeks for me…. CrAzaaaaY man still hard to believe. Strecth marks on your ass, LOL i got a few on my tummy, not bad at all.. but none on my behind! I wonder if I will be close to you, how cool would that be? Send me an email I dont have yours.. it disappeared. xoxo

    August 24th, 2010

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