We’re Back.

Back home after the retrieval.  And MAN.  I do love that anesthesia.  According to one of my nurses, it is the same stuff Michael Jackson was using…when…well…you know.  But who wouldn’t want to fall asleep like that?  Pretty sweet.  Anyway.  I was apparently murmuring P’s name over and over as I drifted off…and also asked the packed room of nurses/doc/embryologists, “What do you think of Target?”  And then followed up with “Well, I was thinking of going shopping there tonight.”  And then I proceded to tell which Target and how it wouldn’t even be crowded…note here that nurse later put the kibosh on that one.  Sad.  I was looking forward to buying some Christmas decorations with the family in tow…I feel we are so far behind!


So.  All went well.  They had to keep me in recovery a bit longer because my heartrate was hanging out in the low 40s…but I think that’s what happens when a runner (semi-runner these days) gets some knock-out drugs. Now I feel fine, if not bloated (duh) and v v v gaseous (ew).  Dr Dubs told T when they wheeled me back in that he was “extra gentle” and even looked around afterwards to make sure all was clear (trying to avoid another abdominal bleed-out like happened back in January).  I must be a great “reviver” after the anesthesia–I don’t feel the need to nap, I would love to do some house tidying and decorating…but being that T is downstairs working from home, I’m being watched.  So writing out the Christmas cards it is!


And of course.  The important part.  Ten were retrieved.  We’ll find out tomorrow how many fertilized and whether it looks like a 3 day or 5 day…I was mildly pleased with the news–I am the type of person that always tries to “beat the last time” (I try to drive home from places faster than I did the last time…to save more money with coupons than I did the last time…to run the same loop a bit faster than I did the last time…to make the cookies even better than the last time…to drive home to PA in less time than the last time…) and the last time I had a retrieval we got 13, 11 of which fertilized normally.  Of course, that was 11 months ago and my ovaries were 11 months younger. 


I am so so so  grateful I have made it to this point.  I was in the swanky pre-op room, thinking how grateful I was to be sitting there.  The last time I was in that hospital was for my D&C for the twins in March…and I was so lucky to be there under different circumstances now.  I truly appreciate that my ovaries have cooperated, that all has gone well to this point, and that I am where I am.  I am really going to try and Live in the Grateful for the next few weeks (fyi: pregnancy beta is tentatively scheduled for Christmas-eve-eve.  Come on, bring me that Christmas Miracle, Elmo!)  Living in the Worry or the Fear won’t make a poor outcome any easier to hear…and I want God and this Universe to know I appreciate the gift I have been given–to have made it this far.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

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  1. Hoping good things for you. And ten fertilized embryos. :-)

    December 9th, 2009

  2. YAY!!! That all sounds SOOOOOOOO promising!!! Yipee!!

    I am crossing my fingers that you get a fabulous fert report.


    December 9th, 2009

  3. Wow, 10 eggs is awesome! Way to go there :)
    Hoping for a great fert report and keep that fantastic attitude!

    December 10th, 2009

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