Nothing to do but wait.

While I KNOW the 2week wait after an IVF is just torture (well, for me, it is like a 5day wait, as I know pretty early on if it worked or not….yay me for being so experienced in artificial reproduction!), this 2ww until the next post-pill baseline is also reaaaallly long.  I took my final pill last night, and will be going in for the baseline Wednesday morning.  I know there is nothing I can do right now to make it get here any faster, and that there is also nothing I can do now to ensure that the results are as good as I am hoping for.  So I wait.  I will be giving T’s phone number to the nurse on Wednesday morning, because I don’t think I can handle the news coming across my own phone line…my heart would likely explode once I saw their office number pop up.  I am also tired of  learning the crappy news first.  I am always telling T the bad news–and it sucks.  So in order to relieve the afternoon of stress, I’ll have them call him.  And then he can call me.   Perhaps this change in protocol (chuckle chuckle) will be just what we need.  Until then….you guessed it.  Waiting.


And I wait with some mighty nice acne, thank you VERY much, DHEA supplements.  As my husband said, I am beginning to look like a German Olympic swimmer (odd choice for a comparison, but I guess it does the job).  I’ve heard what these supplements can do to you—and yep.  They’re doing it.  Sweet.  Hopefully I have some clearing up before I need to see family on Thursday–don’t need to be thought of as Infertile AND Pimply.  Though a lot of it is disguised under clothing (yes.  it is THAT grody.)

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