Yep.  I’m a nutjob.  I am EXCITED for my trip to the head-doc this evening.  Probably because a)it is the only 30 minutes a week I am alone in the car and b)someone is being paid to listen to everything and anything I want to say about infertility.  And even life in general.  The only downside is this…I’m in the “good place” still–just waiting for the cycle to start, still having nice hope that all may work out and I find myself pregnant in early November…so the sessions are really just prep work, to be ready to handle The Next Great Catastrophe that may blow our way.

I have a few questions to throw out there to other fellow infertiles who use the world wide web (warning: questions are completely (self) centered around my upcoming cycle): 

1. Anyone ever do a microdose lupron where you start the lupron only two days before you start the stims?  I did lupron back in the day, and I am fairly certain it was lupron-only for at least ten days, and then we added the stim drugs.  Is this some newer technique, where I go right from the pill to the lupron to the stims?


2. Anyone do any research on fresh wheatgrass v frozen?  Or the “proper quantity” to help boost fertility?  I can totally taste the difference between the fresh v frozen…and I have upped my one-shot to a double-shot every morning…I always tend to think more is better (well, except for eye makeup and the number of bridesmaids in a wedding party), costing me five bucks a day to support my habit.  Yowzahs.  (And that doesn’t factor in my morning coffee either!)  Fertile people must be so rich. 


3. Regarding my acupuncturist:  I like her.  And I paid in advance for ten sessions last cycle (read: flushed 7 of them down the toilet with a cancelled ivf), thus I have three left with her that have already been paid for.  HOWEVER.  While I like her as a person and I feel comfortable with her, I’m not so sure she’s The One (neither is my RE though, so, there’s some food for my own thought…).  When I did acu back in Cali for my cycles there, the practitioner (is that what they’re called?) seemed to have extensive knowledge about fertility and acupuncture.  She warmed stones, burned certain herbs, and never did I cringe when I needle went in.  (oh! also, there were these amazing heatpads for your shoulders/neck…ahhhhh, I lived for those…)  Now, I always feel the needles going in, and I don’t know if I am just being paranoid, or if I am not getting “the same thing” out of it as I did back at my old place.  (for the record, neither one of these women are even remotely genetically connected to the Eastern World). 

A friend recently gave me the name of a new practitioner with whom a friend of hers had success–and though this woman would be a)new b)much more expensive c)a bit further away….do I move over to this new place for this next cycle?  Do I shake it up a bit?  This new acu is almost exclusively fertility-focused (she’s at a women’s health center, for crimeny’s sake).  Or shall I stay loyal to where I have three “credits” and just go with what I know?  (writing this question out…really helps me see what the answer should be…) 


And now, in (a completely unrelated) conclusion…just to rub it in…I have the MOST DELICIOUS smelling pot on a low low simmer right now as I make some homemade chicken soup.  Yes, fall has arrived here at our house.

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  1. I can’t chime in on #1 and #2, but as far as the acu practitioner, I would go with the new place! I can tell you from experience that I was going to one I didn’t really “like” all that much, and stopped going because of the guy, not that fact that I disliked the acupunture. I since found out about another person that I wish I knew about earlier this cycle.

    Chicken soup, I’m jealous. We’re having flounder for dinner, but it’s more of a soup day.

    October 8th, 2009

  2. I done both the long lupron protocol and the micro-dose flare. With mdf I only took it for 2 days before starting stims. Both times I did mdf, I got pregnant. So it does work.

    I would definitely switch acupuncturists. Someone who doesn’t understand infertility might hinder instead of help your cycle.

    Good luck! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this cycle is the one for you.

    October 9th, 2009

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